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How to buy

Buying, selling and renting of real estates.


Our agency's main focus is being the middleman by helping our customers buy, sell or rent real estates all over the country.

The services we offer include acquisition, selling and renting of real estates. Our agents always strive to have the most useful information so they can help you with the processes and all the steps of buying or selling. For us success is our client's satisfaction!

We offer:

  • A large base of offers.
  • Proffesional advice on the state of the market.
  • Arraging of estate inspectations at a convenient for you time, even on weekends.
  • Experienced lawyers that will make property checks and make individual contracts in which your rights will be protected.
  • Aftermarket support and consultations.

The property purchase procedure in Bulgaria:

The property purchase process begins with choosing a suitable property in Bulgaria. Foreign investors usually want to buy real-estate in some of Bulgaria’s largest cities, like the country’s capital and other important economic hubs. Nea Group can help you purchase a property in Sofia or near the sea.

You should plan ahead and reserve some time to view the property before concluding the purchase. If the buyer agrees on the price, a deposit must be made in order to reserve the property. This deposit can have an approximate value of 1,000 to 2,000 euros, depending on the total value of the property.

Real estate agency Nea Group can offer you information about prices in different cities in Bulgaria and help you perform a due diligence verification of the property before making the purchase.

A preliminary sale agreement must be signed with the owner after making the deposit. This preliminary agreement includes all of the basic purchase conditions that will be found in the final agreement. Some of the information that needs to be included in the property purchase agreement includes: a description of the property, price, payment method and other details.

A notary deed needs to be drawn up and the Bulgarian notary must certify and register the deed. Our agency can provide additional information about the annual taxes in Bulgaria. Please contact us - www.neagroup-bg.ru if you want to invest in real estate.

Recently added items:

Property in Bulgaria.
Estate Ref.№ 781 - Main photo

Offer type : Sell

Property type : Apartment

Location :

Здание будет завершено в начале ноября 2019 года. В строительство здания используются высококачественные материалы от утвержденные компании на рынке: Кладка кирпича Vinerberger. Теплоизоляция компании с Baumit силикатных заканчивающегося покрытия. Кровельные гидроизоляционные роботы, выполненные из материалов Generas, Tegola. 7-камерный ПВХ-профиль компании Shouko с 32-миллиметровой стеклянной упаковкой. Лестница компания Balkan Dropper. Входные двери компании Solid 55. Лифт - Лифтовая компания Isamet. Огнестойкие двери в подвале компании Promets Район коммуникативный, есть автобусные остановки, большие супермаркеты, МОЛ Serdika, детский сад и все необходимое для комфорта в повседневном городском ритме.

Price : € 125 500

Apartment in Sofia.
Estate Ref.№ 780 - Main photo

Offer type : Sell

Property type : Apartment

Location : Reduta

Price : € 80 500

House in Sofia.
Estate Ref.№ 779 - Main photo

Offer type : Sell

Property type : House/Villa

Location :

Price : € 150 000