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Property Market 2018.

Is it worth buying a property in Bulgaria in 2018?

In many respects the answer to this question will depend on the goals of the acquisition of real estate and on your expectations. So, if you expect to earn gold mountains on resale or renting an object, then it is not worth buying. If the main goal is to cover the costs of maintaining the facility and have a small but stable income, or if you are planning to buy accommodation for recreation or permanent residence, then Bulgaria is an ideal option.
Here are a few recommendations that will help you make a weighted decision depending on the purpose of your purchase:
• Goal 1 - Investment. For earnings, commercial or residential projects in large cities of Bulgaria - Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Sofia, are the best. Here, rental rates are higher than the national average, stable demand all year round and high liquidity of real estate. To find tenants on the coast, choose liquid residential properties near the sea in popular tourist accommodation complexes.
• Goal 2 - Rest. Buy objects with an eye to selling in the future. Remember that too cheap housing is, as a rule, illiquid, which will be difficult to sell at a decent price. Also, keep in mind that the level of expenses for servicing dwellings in apart-hotels is much higher than in conventional dwelling houses.
• Goal 3 - Permanent residence. For these purposes, buy a city apartment, if it is a resort - apartments in proven residential complexes designed for year-round living.
To learn more about real estate in Bulgaria, to consult about buying or moving - contact NEA GROUP